Nick Schillace and Jon Moshier met each other while both involved in their college radio station in the mid 1990s. Jon had been performing with a Detroit band spyradio and Nick with a band called Slim. The two rock bands shared a bill together many times during the 1990s in and around the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Windsor area. After both bands dissolved, Nick and Jon started improvising together and quickly realized a unique and special chemistry. In 2002 they recorded and released their self-titled demo record. The album is a collection of one-take, improvised instrumentals with no overdubs. Since that time, the duo have performed live at various art houses, coffee shops, bars and festivals- performing on their own and occasionally with visual accompaniment. Although an electric guitar/drum duo to the core, their experiments with loops, found sound recordings and other sonic experimentations often move them into sound territory hard to categorize and most often reserved for larger groups. In 2004, armed with a more advanced home digital recording studio, the band began work on their second release, “The Neutral Mile”. This second collection expands upon the indoorpark sound with more found sound recording experiments as well as a deeper exploration of song structure and arrangement. The album will see a 2008 release on Deep Water Sonic Productions.

About Nick Schillace: Nick is a musicologist, performer and teacher. When he’s not writing or performing he is teaching guitar out of Orion Music Studio in lake Orion, which he owns and operates. In 2002 Nick completed a graduate thesis on the late guitarist John Fahey, and utilizes Fahey's self-described style of syncopated "American Primitive" fingerstyle guitar as the foundation for his own technique. In 2005, he released his first collection of solo acoustic music, “Box Canyon” on his own American Sketch Records. His second cd "Landcape and People", will see a 2008 release on Burly Time records. More information on Nick can be found at

About Jon Moshier: Jon started drumming when he was a kid and studied privately for years. He’s been playing in various musical projects since his teenage years. He’s an advertising music producer by trade and shares his love of music on his ongoing weekly radio show on CJAM-FM in Windsor/Detroit.

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